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18th-Mar-2011 09:52 am - Breezing along
black stallion / riding
After a string of sunny and spectacularly warm days, we got another dusting of snow late last night. But it's SPRING SNOW, so it's already melting in earnest. Of course, since where I work is closer to the mountains, I got to watch the snow on the ground get thicker and thicker as I drove in this morning, making the steady melting from the phonelines and tree branches like a little snow shower in and of itself. Beautiful.

Spring! It's real! Green is finally sprouting up everywhere. I know, HOW NOVEL, but in California, spring is just a date on the calendar; stuff is green year-round. Sure, a few trees are bare in winter and bloom in spring, making things prettier than usual, but I love watching this UTTERLY DEAD brown landscape suddenly get kissed with green. It's so... dramatic.

Luke is buying fishing gear this weekend in anticipation of the warm weather ahead, and I should be getting a bike shortly (FINALLY) so I can take advantage of the epic trail system in my suburb. To say I am excited would be an understatement. I have been without this for so long.

Tonight, we're having a spontaneous Friday night gathering with the other childless married couples from our church group. After discussing the fact that we all tend to come home on Friday nights with EPIC PLANS that turn into falling asleep on the couch with a beer in hand, we decided to be un-lame tonight and throw a taco party. (Yes, I realize the irony of that statement.) I made cappuccino ice cream cupcakes for dessert and let me tell you, these things are life-altering.

Have I mentioned yet that Luke, who tends to write off shows with teenagers in them as a general rule, is utterly and completely obsessed with Friday Night Lights? He has watched all four available seasons in the space of three weeks. I am dumbfounded. I have never seen him take to a show like this, ever. Of course, in some respects it shouldn't be surprising because the show is that damn good, but it's always a tough sell to people: high school football and ordinary life in Texas? Yes, in fact.

I think I will refrain from commenting on the Daredevil reboot news until we've got something more to talk about... like casting. I don't want to hold out hope it won't disappoint me, but at the same time, I can't not follow this production like a bloodhound, especially with the rumor that they're adapting Born Again: one of the finest stories in superhero lit. I suppose for now I shall distract myself with the other Daredevil reboot: the comic! Re-launching with #1 in July! No more Shadowland! I am ready for Matt to catch a break. (Wait, what am I saying? Never gonna happen.)

I did have a hilarious conversation with Luke about it last night - who, bless his soul, does not read Daredevil, but does have some interest in the character. He kept suggesting different actors ("Edward Norton? Jude Law? Aaron Eckhart? I know! Viggo Mortenson!") and I had to facepalm a million times before explaining why Matt is a bit more difficult to cast than that. Really, though. I have no idea who should play him. Nobody I can think of fits quite right. All-American redhead lawyer who looks like he can kill you with his brain even though his eyes are always behind sporty red sunglasses? Another tough sell.
14th-Mar-2011 11:53 am - Jane Eyre 2011
north and south / thornton
Last night I was lucky enough to check out the Denver "premiere" of the new Jane Eyre film. (This was the first screening in the Colorado area, part of the Denver Film Society's Women + Film Voices Festival for International Women's Day. The Film Society was very cool and accessible; I think Luke and I will be back.)

For me, the Jane Eyre story is right up there with Les Miserables in terms of its comprehensive impact on me. It doesn't matter which form it's in: book, movie, musical (I own both cast albums of the the Jane Eyre musical and five Les Mis albums, yes I'm a nerd!) - it moves me equally in all mediums.

I've been trying and failing to lower my expectations for this newest film version since I first heard of its existence. I am not a purist in the technical sense of the word: I tend to be very forgiving of film adaptations in particular, because two hours is never enough time to condense literature on any scale. But I'm a stickler about characters and themes. Casting can be a fatal error for me.

Thankfully, that is the best part about this movie...Collapse )

Like I said, I'm probably more sensitive to this than others. Apart from these thematic qualms, I couldn't find much else to fault in this version. It was beautifully shot; moody and quiet when it needed to be, intense when it needed to be, with incredible mis-en-scène and attention to detail. Best of all, it didn't forget the moments of levity that give the story charm in the middle of all its gothic bombast. I will be watching it again and buying it and enjoying it thoroughly in the future. I love seeing these characters and this story incarnate in new ways.

Oh, and Dario Marianelli's score is fantastic. Sheet music pls!
4th-Mar-2011 03:40 pm - Briefly
uncharted / elena to the rescue
This is what I have at my desk right now. My work desk. As in my desk at work.

This is five minutes away from my office.

→ One of my work articles is getting published in print.

→ I have tickets to see this next weekend.

I want for nothing.
26th-Feb-2011 06:59 pm - Lemon Bread of DOOM
batman / alfred NEVAH!
I don't think I've ever posted a recipe on here before. Probably because I suck at cooking. But there is no possible way to mess this one up – NO WAY – and it is just too epic not to share.

My mom perfected this particular lemon bread eons ago, and I have been obsessed with it since childhood. After enduring a mad craving for it a few days ago and realizing I had misplaced the recipe, I cried out in great despair to krisology.

"Oh! I have that written down somewhere!" she said. "You gave it to me awhile back."

So the illustrious krisology saved my soul by emailing it over... but with a few of her own... alterations. I am so amused by these alterations I am keeping them forever.


1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 cup sugar mmm sugar
2 eggs
2 lemon rinds (yellow only)
1/2 cup milk
1 1/2 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp vanilla

Preheat oven to 350 degrees of death.

Finely grate lemon rinds and set aside. Mix oil, sugar and eggs. Slowly beat the crap out of milk. Or beat it slowly into the oil mixture, adding flour and baking powder and salt. Which I keep misspelling. Add lemon rinds and beat for 18 hours or 2 minutes at medium speed. Pour into greasy corroded bread pan and bake until Jesus returns. Or 1 hour. Let stand 1/2 hour. Turn out and poke the crap out of the loaf. With a toothpick. Squeeze lemons till they scream and bleed over the top of the bread. Cackle wickedly. Dust liberally with powdered sugar. Snarf the whole loaf without sharing, make your significant other cry, feel bad and make another loaf. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Enjoy if you're so inclined. I KNOW I WILL.
4th-Feb-2011 11:29 pm - Let's save the world, baby
x-files / scully
Tonight's Fringe episode distressed me so much I actually sought out forums for venting purposes. I haven't done that in years.

However, instead of making me more frustrated (as genre fandom usually does), I actually came away with a New and Salient Theory. Thank you, fellow fandomers! I bow to your superior nitpicking abilities.

Spoilers!Collapse )

I really hope this is the direction the writers are taking things, because I truly can't see another way to reconcile that cringe-inducing final scene with the show's arcs and momentum as a whole.

As the really nit-picky fans have also noticed (so I don't have to), everyone's been wearing shades of purple lately. The "blue" and "red" universes merging.

Hmmmm. Be good, show. Be smart. Please?
1st-Feb-2011 11:00 am - This morning!
uncharted / nate clinging
It was -9° F. Today's high shall be -2. I state this only because I'm quite proud that I made it to work EARLY today when 65% of our office decided not to come in at all.


Last night, we braved the ice and snow to attend a beer tasting and five-course dinner hosted by New Belgium at a restaurant down the street. I don't even like beer, but it was a blast. Luke was in heaven, of course, since he's been drinking New Belgium for years and as it turns out, it's brewed an hour north in Fort Collins. Go figure.

But I had to raise an eyebrow at the "tasting" part because these weren't little thin tumblers with a sip or three of beer in 'em. They were full glasses. Five different beers. A couple of them 10-12%. The husband paid for his indulgence this morning. I, meanwhile, am feeling quite excellent!

We're all stocked up for the deep freeze. Gonna stay in tonight, catch up on Fringe, and do some writing (I hope) (I KNOW) (...my daily battle).

Oh yeah - I saw the first two episodes of SyFy's Being Human, and I think I'll actually be following this one. Right now, vampires and werewolves seem more tired than ever, to the point where it takes so much effort for me to not roll my eyes at every trope that appears (even when they're done relatively well). But I like all three main characters, and it's pleasantly low-key so far. It's kind of nice to have a supernatural/sci-fi show that isn't all about THE WORLD ENDING or EPIC CONSPIRACIES or HEY LOOK HOW DARK WE ARE.

...not that I have any problem with shows of that ilk. Hello, I'm me.

Anyway. When Luke spied what I was watching, he wondered when we were going to get a new, "more exciting" supernatural fad. "Like a guy who can turn into a dinosaur. Now THAT would be cool."

I am kind of inclined to agree.
29th-Jan-2011 09:53 pm - A Week in the Life Meme – Day 7
avatar / aang is confused
Ah, Saturday! The weather has been stunning these past couple of weekends. After sleeping away our Friday night, we made sure to catch an early breakfast with a good friend of ours in Denver. I am starting to treasure excuses to wake up early, what the hell? I just love being out and about here in the mornings.

...especially when I know I can nap later in the day.

Day 7 – PhotosCollapse )

Well, that's it. Meme: COMPLETE. As you can see, our days are (wonderfully) slow and uneventful out here (so far), and our frantic Californian souls are finally slowing down to match them.

The days will get busier, I'm sure. Junk will pile up on the calendar as work develops and we start meeting new people, etc. But I feel like a saner person already; better equipped to handle whatever comes our way.

And now, back to my regularly scheduled eljaying.
28th-Jan-2011 09:46 pm - A Week in the Life Meme – Day 6
avatar / aang is confused
So. Exhausted.

Luke and I really did try to have an exciting Friday night, but somewhere around 8PM we called it quits and went home. Both of us stayed up far too late this week, and now we're paying for it. Not even coffee is doing anything.

Bahhh (Sing Se – watching A:TLA now).

Day 6 – PhotosCollapse )

27th-Jan-2011 11:43 pm - A Week in the Life Meme – Day 5
avatar / aang is confused
Why do I have to be allergic to cats? Why? I may be a dog person, but that doesn't mean I find it any easier to resist adorable little foster kittens when they come up to me meowing for attention. My throat closes up and my asthma gets triggered and I can't even breathe when I lie down and... you know. Dead from cute becomes literal in my case.

And yet, every friend we've ever made (or lived near enough to visit a lot) has had one or more cats.

I am cursed. But sometimes, I suffer gladly.

Moving on! Life today:

Day 5 – PhotosCollapse )
26th-Jan-2011 10:01 pm - A Week in the Life Meme – Day 4
fringe / peter & olivia
What I really wish I had photos of today was the random and spectacular drive I took up along the Flatirons from from Golden. A co-worker's car was in the shop and he needed a ride home, so I volunteered. I was pretty much speechless at the loveliness of his commute every morning and evening. And I thought I had it good.


One day soon I'll take an actual hike and come back with actual pictures of Colorado nature instead of Colorado urbanscapes. Maybe in spring or summer when things are green again.

The snow keeps coming and then melting the next day!

Day 4 – PhotosCollapse )
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